Advantage Machine Services takes pride in helping our clients with anything and everything related to repairing, installing, servicing and operating machinery, including manual and CNC machines. We offer a complete range of professional repair services for all the types of machinery you rely on, whether you run a large or small machine shop or a metal working, fab or welding shop. We install equipment, build and maintain specialty machines, help you improve your efficiency and throughput by automating processes, and more. No matter what service challenge you face, AMS can help.

General Service and Repair

If one of your machines breaks down, call AMS – our experienced repair technicians can get you back up and running quickly.  Contact us for our on-site service rate.

Problem Solving, Installation, Analysis and more

Whether you have an installation challenge, or need help with an existing machine you already have on site, we love to solve challenging problems. Call us to help you troubleshoot problems, perform CNC ballbar testing and analysis, provide drawbar force testing, perfom repairs, install, and test equipment.


We recondition and refurbish the equipment you have on hand, or “new-to-you” machines you acquire through the pre-owned marketplace.

Purchase Consulting

If you are considering the purchase of a new or used piece of machinery, we can help. Perhaps you need to replace an aging machine, or you need to expand your current services or add new capabilities. AMS can help you select, source and install the right new or pre-owned equipment to meet your needs, today and in the future.

Automation Consulting

One of the best ways to improve your output and profitability is by automating processes to ensure that your people and machines are being used to their highest potential. Our automation consulting services help you improve accuracy, repeatability and throughput when it comes to repetitive tasks and manufacturing pieces in bulk. For example, we set up an automated process for a client who was bending door handles, cutting the time it took to create each piece, while reducing waste and cost per piece manufactured. We also customized a process to speed the manufacture of structurally insulated panels (SIPs) use for manufacturing energy-efficient houses.


All of our services include a detailed safety inspection to ensure that everything operates properly and safely. Whether we are servicing a machine you already own, installing a new or used piece of equipment for you, helping you automate part of a manufacturing or assembly process, or solving a problem for you, safety is our top priority. We work on all classes and categories of machines, and are experienced in inspecting and ensuring safe operating conditions when it comes to electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


All of our work is fully warranted – if you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know, and we’ll make it right.


Contact us, or see our sales page for complete details, but we will help you acquire the new or pre-owned, refurbished machinery you need to expand your capabilities or replace those pieces that have come to the end of their useful life.

Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced professionals can help you with any service challenge you may have.